Webinar: Workplace Violence, Preventing Emotion over Intellect

Violence at workplace is a growing concern, widespread gun violence causes anxiety, incidents have escalated beyond threats and intimidation. Take Healthcare workplace as an example, health workers have a 20% higher chance of being the victim of workplace violence than workers in other industries, 44% of nurses reported experiencing physical violence. Healthcare leaders are seeking to provides a safer and more welcoming environment to meet their burden of care.

As the threat landscape has changed, the breadth of vulnerable workplaces has expanded, what does it take to feel safe again at work? Join this live webinar and explore:

  • What is the new threat landscape and how employees are impacted
  • Real-world perspectives on how organizations are approaching workplace safety
  • An updated view of security requirements and modern security technologies to address new reality
  • Core principles to strengthen facility safety - Educate, Evade, Escape and Engage.


Jason J. Grellner
VP, Healthcare, Evolv Technology

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