The fundamentals of establishing digital trust

Telesign’s VP of Marketing, Brendon O’Donovan, recently sat down with ISMG’s SVP Editor, Tom Field, to discuss the concept of digital trust, why it is the immediate future of how enterprises conduct business, and the fundamentals of maintaining trust in the digital world.

With trust acting as the conduit of a productive business and customer relationship, a lack of trust creates a cloud of doubt across the brand, product, and customer relations. Organizations which successfully foster trust will thrive. Those that don’t will struggle. Now’s your chance to learn more about the benefits of a business strategy that incorporates continuous trust to reduce risk and drive growth.

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Which of these are most important to you when it comes to your customer journey ?

A quick, easy process for my customers to onboard or log in
Thorough ID verification and fraud detection during sign-up/log-in to keep my business and customers safe
Establish a reliable and secure customer communication channel (e.g. SMS, verification, WhatsApp, RCS and more)
Why should I have to choose? I want both a frictionless customer journey and thorough fraud prevention

What role do you play when your company makes decisions to invest in digital technology?

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I am on a team of decision makers
I research and inform the decision
I am a subject matter expert/business user
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