Orchestrating Seamless
Access and Control of
Data in a Siloed World


Do you ever find yourself struggling with secure access and control over scattered data across multiple storage silos? If so, I have some exciting news for you. We have a solution to this key data problem that is plaguing enterprises and public sector organizations.

Introducing Hammerspace, a vendor-neutral orchestration system for unstructured data that bridges silos and provides global access and automated control of data services. This solution brief dives deep into the challenges faced by traditional IT infrastructures and how Hammerspace can revolutionize your data management. Here's a quick summary of the main points:

Data Center Consolidation and IT Modernization:

  • Move forward with data center consolidation and IT modernization while maintaining mission-critical operations
  • Leverage cloud resources for more agile application environments
  • Enable hybrid environments with cloud flexibility

Challenges of Traditional IT Infrastructures:

  • File systems are locked into vendor platforms, hindering data mobility
  • Moving data between vendors or locations is complex and disrupts user access
  • Siloed data services result in added complexity and costs

Introduction to Hammerspace:

  • Hammerspace offers a vendor-neutral orchestration system for unstructured data
  • Seamlessly bridges any on-prem or cloud-based storage type from any vendor
  • Automate data services and file operations, even on live data

Benefits of Hammerspace:

  • Uninterrupted file access regardless of data placement actions or infrastructure changes
  • Secure access to files globally via standard protocols for all users and applications
  • Automation of cross-platform data services and data placement tasks using multiple metadata types

Hammerspace Deployment and Scalability:

  • Deploy Hammerspace on any combination of hardware, hypervisors, or cloud instances
  • Support distributed environments across multiple locations, adapting to burst workflows
  • Dynamically expand and contract the global data environment as needed

Hammerspace Data Services and Automation:

  • Automate data services and data placement tasks using multiple metadata types
  • Define and automate data tiering and placement policies
  • Enjoy data protection functions like global audit records, versioning, and transparent DR

IT Modernization & Consolidation with Hammerspace:

  • Maintain existing operations while modernizing IT infrastructures
  • Focus on outcomes rather than being tied down by vendor silos

Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your data management. Download now above and take the first step towards a more efficient and secure future.

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