An Introduction to Zero Trust

There’s more to securing your business than firewalls and VPNs. We live in a day when digital transformation is critical, and moving business to the cloud is both our present and our future. In the midst of this sea of change, it’s difficult to navigate through all the architecture complexities and industry jargon — particularly when it comes to diluted and misappropriated terms like zero trust. So, let’s keep it simple!

Key takeaways

In this webinar, Jacob Serpa, senior product marketing manager for Zscaler, will cover the basics of zero trust, including:

  • What exactly does zero trust mean? Does it really mean we trust nothing?
  • How is zero trust a superior architecture compared to traditional, perimeter-based security?
  • What does a journey from perimeter-based security to zero trust typically look like?

Featured speakers:

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Jacob Serpa
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Zscaler

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