$69M in 3 Weeks by Gamifying Sales Enablement with IncentivePilot

We boosted revenue by $69M in only three weeks with IncentivePilot's Whodunnit game." - Claire L. • Fortune100 Sales Enablement

CEO of IncentivePilot, Andrew Phelps interviews Claire L., an enterprise marketer in sales enablement about the incredible results she got using IncentivePilot's SaaS gamification platform.

Her incredible results include:

  • 63% of the enterprise sales reps engaged with the game.
  • Engaged reps produced $137,661 more revenue per rep, an 83.6% performance boost.
  • The total additional revenue generated by the gamified campaign was $69,381,319.
  • Over 300x ROI

IncentivePilot is a gamification and rewards platform for enterprise and channel marketing teams. It empowers marketers and enablement professionals to add games and rewards to important initiatives and capture attention at scale like never before. Learn how teams are saving over 40 hours per month and getting huge returns on their investment at IncentivePilot.com.

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